Company Profile: Mid-American Insurance Associates


Knowledge is power in today's ever-changing insurance world! In the wake of health care reform, individuals, families, and businesses must pay very close attention to the insurance industry now more than ever. Our experienced, dedicated, independent, licensed, and insured agents at Mid-American Insurance Associates provide our clients with the all resources and guidance needed to remain in compliance with the ever-changing state and federal insurance regulations. During these complex times, Mid-American Insurance Associates is wholeheartedly devoted to providing consumers with a wide range of services and information tailored to meet each individual's needs and budget.

About MAIA

Mid-American Insurance Associates is a professionally licensed and insured brokerage specializing in life and health insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses. Through our depth of market knowledge, our many independent carrier partnerships, and integrated quoting technology; we help our clients find the most valuable and affordable insurance coverage quickly and accurately.

Our Mission

Mid-American Insurance Associates strives to provide individuals, families, and businesses with quality information and guidance for all of their life and health insurance needs. MAIA is committed to advocate for consumers and provide long-term assistance throughout all of the complex insurance processes. We provide personal and professional insurance services for our clients, to save them time, money, and the stress from dealing with providers and carriers. It is our goal to assure that our clients have the best care, plan, and protection for the most affordable price. To provide products and services to individuals, families, and businesses that help build and protect their health and financial security throughout all stages of life. Our Company and employees are driven by a desire to provide superior customer service, while performing ethically and professionally. We will continually seek to improve our industry knowledge to be of better service to our clients.

As an individual looking for insurance, MAIA makes it easy for you to get the personal service you want and the products you need. MAIA has a diverse portfolio of insurance plans including: Life, Health, Medicare, Long-Term Care, Supplemental, and retirement insurance products specifically selected to address the health and financial protection needs of our clients.


The MAIA Advantage

All of our agents are licensed and insured to provide information, assistance, and enroll tailored to each person's needs. Their training and knowledge of the products within our portfolio, and their experience in working with others with similar needs, enables MAIA to educate and help clients select insurance products that offer the protection and security they need at the highest value. From enrollment, to plan changes. From rate reviews, to claims. From provider and prescription searches, to grievances and appeals;

If you’re responsible for purchasing health insurance for yourself and your family, you know how hard it can be to find coverage that fits both your needs and your budget. MAIA offers a broad portfolio of individual and small business insurance products from highly-rated national and regional carriers. Our associates can help you understand your options, and when you are ready, help you choose the coverage that best fits both your needs and your budget.



Individual Health

Individual health insurance programs are designed for individuals and families who cannot obtain health insurance through an employer. Due to the continually rising cost of medical care, it has become more important to provide health insurance for you and your families. MAIA offers health insurance programs to individuals which offer extensive coverage as well as high-deductible programs which are designed to protect against catastrophic financial losses. Individual and family health insurance is health coverage specifically tailored to those not covered by employer groups or organizations. A broad selection of individual and family health insurance plans is available. Less expensive plans may provide coverage in case of a major accident or illness, while other plans may provide comprehensive coverage for all your healthcare needs. These products and services are designed to provide solutions to your personal and business financial needs, including:

As an independent agency, MAIA can provide insurance plans from numerous health insurance companies. With the health insurance market changing frequently, we are always on the lookout for quality, service-oriented insurance companies for our clients.

It's smart to know the basics of the health insurance plans typically offered by carriers, but before you decide which plan is best for you, contact an MAIA agent to learn more about the carriers and the features and benefits offered in their plans.

You know what it takes to provide and care for your family. And, you understand both the immediate and the ongoing expenses that would have to be met if you suddenly were not there. What you may not know is how simple it can be to purchase life insurance coverage. Then, should the unexpected happen, the financial resources your family needs will be there.

Copay Plans provide the security of a predictable, fixed payment for each medical care office visit.

100% After Deductible Plans include coverage that pays 100% for most covered, in-network expenses after your deductible is met.

HSA-qualified High Deductible Health Plans can save you money on premium cost and help protect you against the cost of a catastrophic injury or long hospital stays.

Dental and Vision Plans generally offer coverage options for care through a network of providers. These types of plans usually include:


Individual Disability

An accident or a critical illness can occur suddenly, disrupting your life in many unexpected ways. Health insurance can cover the cost of your medical care, but how will you cover your normal living expenses — or unexpected costs while you are recovering? Mid-American Insurance Associates offers a wide range of supplemental insurance plans that pay a cash benefit directly to you. The money you receive from supplemental insurance can be used for anything you choose because this insurance is designed to help you fill your financial gaps. Use the money for out-of-pocket medical expenses and deductibles, offset a loss of income, or even pay everyday living expenses.

Individual Disability Income Protection is a must for a business owner, and highly recommended for executives. If you are a business owner, you should consider purchasing both group and individual policies, if possible. As an executive, you should be sure to obtain group coverage if it is available. Only forty three percent of large companies provide group long term disability insurance. Your chances are even less likely to get long term disability insurance if you work for a small company. The cost of a plan provided by your employer is usually less than you would pay for an individual disability policy and often you can get coverage automatically without having to qualify medically. If your employer doesn't provide disability insurance then you may want to consider an individual disability policy. Or, you may need a personal disability insurance policy to supplement an employer group plan. Be sure to check the group provisions carefully: How long does the group disability insurance coverage last? How much is the benefit? Does the disability insurance policy cover bonus and commission income? Will the coverage continue if you leave that employer?
A typical Individual Disability Income Protection plan starts to pay benefits after you have been off work for 1 to 6 months, and pays benefits for several years or until retirement age, depending on the policy.

Accident Only Plans typically provide a lump sum cash benefit for injuries caused by an accident. This type of plan may also include a cash benefit for each of the following items:

Critical Illness/Cancer Plans generally provide a lump sum cash benefit for a first diagnosis of a major illness such as, heart attack, stroke and many other types of illness including life-threatening cancer.
Hospital Confinement Plans typically provide daily cash benefits for hospital confinement related to an accident or illness.
Disability Plans generally pay monthly cash benefits when you are unable to work. These types of plans usually offer coverage for periods of disability due to:

Be prepared for the likelihood of accidents and illness with an extra layer of financial protection. MAIA can help you select the supplemental insurance products that meet your specific needs and budget. Contact an agent today to learn more.


Individual Life

Life insurance can help you secure your family's financial future by providing the funds they need to: cover burial expenses, uninsured medical bills, pay off your mortgage and other outstanding debts, and maintain a comfortable standard of living. There are a variety of life insurance policies that we can provide. The kind of policy you choose depends on your needs:

There are pros and cons for every type of life insurance plan that should be taken into consideration before purchasing coverage. Your MAIA agent is the best resource to help you determine which policy type is best suited for your family’s needs and budget. Contact MAIA Today!


Term Life
Term Life Insurance is a low-cost way of providing maximum coverage for your family. Protection is provided for a limited number of years. The insurance expires without value if the insured lives beyond the policy period, usually 5 to 20 years. Other policy life periods are available, including 1 year annual renewable term.

Term insurance premiums will not increase during the guaranteed policy time period (term) you select. Term Life Insurance pays a death benefit only if you die during that term. Term insurance generally provides the largest insurance protection for your premium dollar.
Term Life Insurance remains in force for as long as premiums are current, provided there are no misrepresentations on the application. The insurance coverage terminates if you discontinue your premium payments.

Here is some basic information about the types of life insurance plans MAIA offers:

Term Life Insurance pays a death benefit if the insured person dies within the term of the policy. Plans may be "simplified issue" or "fully underwritten". Simplified issue means that you don't have to get a physical or have lab work done to apply for coverage. Your answers to a few health questions determine your eligibility. Fully underwritten plans require the completion of a physical and lab work before coverage may be issued. By going through the underwriting process, including a medical exam, you can qualify for additional premium discounts for providing evidence of good health.

Universal Life
Universal Life is characterized by great flexibility. Policyholders can determine the amount and frequency of premium payments - i.e., the more you pay, the less time you will need to pay. Your premiums cover the insurance part also the savings or investment element and the expense part. The stated interest on the investment portion changes along with movement in interest rates; moves in 1/4 % interest steps are typical as banks and other financial institutions make similar moves.

Universal Life Insurance is a permanent policy that allows you the flexibility to customize the coverage and premiums that meet your needs. You have the ability to take policy loans or make partial surrenders from the account value to help with your personal needs. Loans accrue interest. Unpaid loans plus interest and withdrawals will reduce the death benefit and cash value. The policy continues as long as the cash value is sufficient to cover the monthly deductions.

Whole Life
Whole Life Insurance provides permanent protection for the whole of life - from the date of policy issue to the date of the insured's death, provided that premiums are paid. Premiums are set at the time of policy issue and remain level for the policy's life. Unlike term insurance, whole life combines insurance protection and savings or cash value which builds over time. Cash value build-up may provide a source for living benefits, for example, helping pay off a mortgage, or a child's education, or cash surrender value if the policy is ever cancelled.

Whole Life Insurance offers guaranteed level premiums and life insurance protection for as long as you live, provided that premiums are paid as required to keep the policy in force. Whole Life policies also provide for the accumulation of cash value on a tax-deferred basis which can be used when you need it.


 Final Expense Insurance is a Whole Life plan that is an affordable way to provide the financial resources necessary to cover your funeral costs, other final expenses or outstanding debts.



An annuity can help you accumulate tax-deferred earnings as part of your overall retirement plan. Annuities offer the opportunity for lifetime payments and tax-deferred earnings, and provide a guaranteed death benefit for your beneficiaries. All guarantees are backed by the continued claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.
You may want to consider investing in an annuity as part of your long-term financial plan if:

An annuity is different from most other retirement savings vehicles — it's actually a contract between you and an insurance company. In return for making one or more premium payments, the insurance company agrees to provide you an income stream — usually during retirement. You can elect to receive payment all at once or as a series of payments, even for the rest of your life.